Injection Rig Loading Whey
Standard Mobile Injection Setup
No Onsite Tanks Required

Whey-Based In-Situ Remediation
Tamalpais Environmental Consultants (TEC) specializes in the
implementation of in-situ remediation with a whey-based remediation mixture
that can eliminate chlorinated solvents and metals in-situ to meet a variety of
cleanup objectives. In-situ bioremediation is by far the most cost-effective
cleanup method when site remediation is required. TEC has direct and
practical experience at over fifteen sites with a variety of electron donors,
including fresh and dry cheese whey, ethanol, vitamin B12, corn syrup,
molasses, and soybean oil.

Many electron donors have been used successfully, but none more
cost-effectively than cheese whey.  Whey is a natural waste product from the
cheese making process and is available at a fraction of the cost of custom
electron donors. As shown on the results page, TEC's whey-based
remediation mixture has been very effective for a variety of constituents. Very
few consultants have the experience to formulate an effective remediation
strategy utilizing low cost electron donors and have the capability to make it
happen at your site. TEC works directly for responsible parties as well as other
consulting firms that need assistance with remediation strategy development
and injections.
Additional Services
Tamalpais Environmental Consultants (TEC) also provides a wide range of
environmental services including Phase 1 and Phase 2 site assessments,
environmental investigations, litigation support, and remediation system
design and installation for a variety of constituents.
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